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Claim Forms

If you are a consumer member of the Atripla or Evotaz Settlement Damages Classes, you must submit a claim now or within 60 days of final approval of the Settlement (the Final Approval Hearing will be on April 28, 2022. You may check the Settlement website, to see whether the Court has approved the Settlement.) At this time, it is unknown how much money, if any, each Settlement Damages Class Member will receive. If the Court approves the Settlement, payments will be approved by the Court in a proceeding later in the case.

If you are a TPP member of a Settlement Damages Class, you may not submit a claim now. If the Court approves the Settlement, TPP members of the Settlement Damages Classes will not receive any money immediately. Instead, the TPPs’ share of the BMS recovery will be held in escrow and paid out to you later, together with any future recoveries in this litigation. If there are no additional future recoveries, the BMS funds will be paid out to you at the conclusion of the litigation. You will receive further notice when to submit a claim.

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